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About the GOTT blog

Investment in intangibles or ‘knowledge assets’ (KAs), examples of which include intellectual property (IP), software, R&D, data, know-how, business processes, expertise and other intellectual resources, is fundamental to the successful delivery of  government objectives and can bring significant social, economic and financial benefits.

This knowledge assets work was led out of HM Treasury by the Knowledge Assets Team (KAT), but has since transitioned over to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). As of April 2022, KAT has become the Government Office for Technology Transfer (GOTT).

A report was published at Budget 2018, which made several recommendations around improving the management of knowledge assets in government. In April 2021, KAT published the Mackintosh Report which set out an implementation strategy to gain greater value from public sector knowledge assets. The Mackintosh Report is a response to the recommendations made in the Budget 2018 report.

Key deliverables of the Mackintosh Report include setting up a new strategic capability unit and fund; both of which are now in place.

This blog has been created to:

  • provide a place to publish updates on the knowledge assets work within government;
  • share examples of knowledge assets and tech transfer maximising social, economic and financial value, which can be from our staff as well as staff from other public bodies; and
  • enable a discussion around blog content, allowing stakeholders and the public to comment, discuss and ask questions of this work.

Another recommendation from the 2018 report was to set up a network to support the public sector in maximising their knowledge assets. The Knowledge Asset Champions Working Group has been set up to provide a forum to share best practice, receive the latest policy updates, and join-up across central government, public sector research establishments and wider public sector. If you would like to join, please email us.

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